The UNESCO Chair on “Education for Global Peace Sustainability” (E = GPS) is a project that brings together within its competences four main lines of action: applied scientific research, advanced education and training, praxis innovation and dissemination. It is a participatory and co-constructed project that seeks to promote a scientific and practical approach to the complexity of peace, wellbeing and quality of life, at various levels: individual, collective, national and international. It addresses peace from the point of view of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Human Rights and Public Happiness. It is about positive approaches to positive global peace. In particular, it will consider the sustainability point of view: both from an environmental perspective, and in terms of maintaining peace in organizations and institutions. Connections with the science of happiness will be underlined.

The key objectives of this Chair include:

  1. Innovative and inclusive training (throughout online learning and postgraduate courses);
  2. Supervised and supported practices through workshops and laboratories;
  3. Observatories identifying resources and needs;
  4. Monitoring and evaluation of practical tools;
  5. Fostering Research;
  6. Exchange, dissemination, co-construction and transfer of knowledge;
  7. Celebration and highlight of good practices (in research, publication and action);
  8. Encouraging multidisciplinary relationships among several domains - culture, arts, humanities, social and political sciences, education, technology and media.